Thursday, August 20, 2009


Getting away from the Christmas theme, in 2002 I wrote piece for ASIFA International Magazine on Fred Mogubgub.

In researching that I visited his son, Fred Jr., in Brooklyn. Freddie had dozens of paintings stashed throughout his apartment.

I managed several photos, only a few are legible. Shooting paintings is hard enough, but this was 2002 remember -we didn't have digital cameras. Getting any exposure without glare, indoors, on a painting was darned near impossible.

This was my favorite one.

If I recall correctly, that's not framed its trompe l'oeil. I do clearly remember the immediate magnetism in her face.

These paintings are fantastical without being fantasy.

This, kind of a lousy picture. Flipping through my file she jumped out as she never had before.

Maybe I just like their outfits.

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Anonymous said...

Totally dig these. I hope to one day walk down the street looking like that last one! Something to strive for!
Dude, we had digital cameras in 2002! Sure they shot out laser beams that permanently blinded everyone in the room but we had 'em!