Monday, August 31, 2009

2002 Exhibit Notes

Here's the program from an exhibition at the Motion Picture Academy of Art & Sciences from 2002. "Oscars in Animation" featured production art from Oscar nominated animation, mostly short form but special effects and long form as well.

Here's the text:

Ever since the Academy gave out its first Oscar to an animated film (Disney's short "Flowers and Trees"), the Academy has had a child-like love of cartoons. The list of films honored by the Academy over the decades reads like a comprehensivesummar of film animation's colorful history, from the earliest days of cel animation to today's digital age. Over the years animated films have competed in a wide variety of awards categories: Cartoon Short, Comedy Short, Novelty Short, Animated Short, Original Score, Original Song, Writing and, as of the last award season Animated Feature.

Culled primarily from the private collection of Mike Glad and the Glad Family Trust, this exciting and comprehensive exhibition displays rare and original animation art from every year since 1933 to the present, all of it from Oscar-nominated or winning films. At times whimsical an fantastical, at other times avant-garde and unsettling (but always compelling), this compendium of art represents some of the most significant animated films ever made.

The exhibition is comprised of original cels, preproduction sketches, storyboards, "progression videos" and three dimensional artist models from such classic titles as "Dumbo", "Gerald McBoing Boing", "Gulliver's Travels", "The Lion King", "Luxo, Jr.", "Monsters Inc.", "Pinocchio", "Sleeping Beauty", "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves", "Toy Story", "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" and "Shrek". These pieces represent the work of such luminary animators as Frederic Back, Cordell Barker, Walt Disney, Max Fleischer, Chuck Jones, Walter Lantz and John Lassiter. Examples of the award-winning films originate not only from an international list of countries such as Canada, the former Czechoslovakia, Russia, Hungary, Italy and The United Kingdom.

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