Monday, August 10, 2009

Kalamazoo: Just For Cartoons?

Last year I got a call from Kalamazoo.

Everyone knows, if someone from Kalamazoo asks you for something, you do it right away.

Lisa Santoro was making a film for school on color and wanted to interview someone at the studio.

The result is a polished, professional documentary -the kind you might see on a rainy weekend afternoon on public television.

I sound like an idiot -but sometimes don't sound completely drooling thanks to her kind editing.

The film features interviews with Leslie Harrington - a color strategist, Carl Minchew -the director of color technology at Benjamin Moore paints, Patricia Lynn Duffy -a communications expert and author and noted synesthete, Dr. David Krumholtz -an ophthalmologist with color blindness.

An interesting facet of this film is the level of professionalism achieved by one woman working on a student project. A contributing point of interest is the genre (or more properly -method of inquiry).

The documentary form is as diverse as the technique of animation. Today we are in the middle of a documentary explosion. Films of vastly divergent approaches, perspectives, subject matters and styles are all finding a degree of success. Compare that to the films using animation as a method of inquiry, and it's easy to see the paucity of fresh ideas coming from animation programs in The United States and Canada.

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Pat said...


I fully agree--Lisa santor's film, "Craving Color" is excellent (and I was honored to be among those interviewed in it). I would like to show a part of the film at a conference where I have been invited to speak in April--and I am trying to contact Lisa about this--please advise how we can be in touch. I can be contacted through my web site,

Thank you,
Patricia Lynne Duffy