Wednesday, August 12, 2009


We did some web design/programming work for

The site is up and running. It's a very complex database, that's hopefully easy to use and something that should be bookmarked for regular visits by nature lovers.

Included in our work was a short "bear safety" video.

The video is on the right hand side under the advertisment.

This video is a demonstration why its difficult to set "low budget" parameters. We needed to do the piece economically, and discussed several limitations primarily that only the ranger would lip synch or have any sort of animation the rest would be pan and scan. We largely kept to those constraints, but I wonder if the film would've been any better had we done a "fuller" job. Maybe not, since the story is told in the layouts.

The voice over is the publisher of the website, who's a knowledgeable and energetic sportsman. The music is stock culled from Apple Soundtrack (which packages with Final Cut Pro Studio).

One of the goals of the project for me was to explore Soundtrack and work on my audio editing. Sometimes you have to set marks like that in a project that doesn't offer much financially -it's important that you always get something out of a production.

The site is very useful, and we're proud to be associated with such a worthy endeavor.

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Liesje said...

Aww... what happened to the bear bells?