Friday, August 28, 2009

5 Dollar Find

A guy around the corner on Sixth Avenue sold this book to me for $5.

"Cartooning Plus Good Drawing" by Harriett "Petey" Weaver published by the Davis Press in 1939. If this is one-in-the-same, the artist was also a glass ceiling breaking Park Ranger, something especially of interest in the light of our recent work for She's also the subject of a film by experimental filmmaker Jennifer Reeves.

The drawing style is a little dated even by 1939 standards, which is to be expected, I guess -that instructional manuals refer to the old over the current.

The book has 23 plates, the most interesting are animals towards the end.

Pedagogically, the book reminds me of those match book ads that promise to show how to draw the Mona Lisa. Step One: Draw A Circle. Step Two: Draw Another Circle. Step Three: Voila! La Gioconda!

These drawings remind me of the great Ron Barrett. I wonder if this was the book he stared at as a child in the same way many of us grew up with his work.


Michael Sporn said...

A great find. The text is almost as delightful as the drawings.
"How Maizie does saw wood on Sunday a.m."

I most like the sleeping cat on pg. 2 "drawn from life."

Elliot Cowan said...

I like how you can use this book to learn cartooning AND good drawing, too.