Saturday, August 15, 2009

See You In September

Several years ago I stopped in a deli for a late afternoon sandwich.

Four dudes came rolling in. Their leader shouts to the guy behind the counter, "Hey, didn't this place use ta be Billy's Topless?".

"No. Bagels."

"Yeah, this was the place..." as he began to describe the layout of the strip club to his buddies who were excited just to be standing there.

At some point in the 1990s, the Guiliani administration made it illegal to advertise "toplessness". I don't the details, but they may have outlawed toplessness entirely, it's very possible that had already been done.

This forced Billy to change the name of his venue from "Billy's Topless" to "BillyStopless." A genius stroke of advertising.

The bagel place is right around the corner from our studio. I haven't ever really had any good experiences there. They usually been pretty bad actually. But I like having a bagel place nearby.

But the bagels and bialys are on hiatus.
Passing 24th Street looking East, the block between 6th Avenue and Madison Square Park feel like another city.

Crosswalks between buildings. Luscious green on the end of a short block. And a flag pole at the center.

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