Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Street People

Long gone; "Boiler Man Dude" the scrawled Bart Simpson on an auto garage at 1st Street and First Avenue. Notable for it -against all probability -slight resemblance to the FOX TV star and signature speech balloon "Boiler Man Dude."

Cartoons are on walls across the city, across the country.
These are on the Lower East Side, location: classified to protect them from the copyright police.

Let it be known that your tax dollars have subsidized this.

Subsidized bookkeepers and do-gooders, most likely. Here's hoping there were no animators involved.

Jingoistic Big Bird was relegated to the far end of the mural, lest s/he continually ask for niggling revisions and hog up all the painters' time making the low budget project a financial black hole.

They captured the despair which many associate with "Peanuts". Perfect for a playground. Leave your false hopes on Essex Street, kids.

How could Tweety Bird be any more ballz? 1) put her next to a smug Garfield. 2) shades

In the distance Bugs Bunny tickles him some Elmo.

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Liesje Kraai said...

I can only hope the Peanuts section of the wall will still be standing in the post-apocalyptic future so that they may gaze out upon the devastation.