Monday, June 1, 2009

Nothing For Money

This video will probably be at 10 million hits by the time this posts:

Last week I got an email from a colleague trying to connect a writer with an animator. That's not even 100% accurate. Not a writer. A writer is Paul Sedaris or Suzan-Lori Parks or J. D. McClatchy; someone who makes their living crafting stories with words.

When someone seeks out free labor from filmmakers and artists they're generally hobbyists. Writing is a hobby to them, so animation much be a hobby to someone else.

The video above lampoons professionals who engage in garage sale negotiations. Deeper, it speaks to a growing lack of professionalism in media. Ten years ago an advertising producer would be ashamed to ask you to produce a pitch spot on spec. Ten years ago the advertising producer would have been in the business for over a decade and be fully educated in the costs and burdens of a production.


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soawesome said...

that makes me scared for the 10 years from now story...