Sunday, May 30, 2010

Splash! Animation Notes 11/30/89

Now that summer has arrived, everyone will be animating splashes.

Here are notes from Tissa David's lecture of November 30, 1989.

Water will tend to stay in clusters as they break up.

Diving board will have character of its own -stiff, strong, force of its own.

Because of the weight of the bag, counterbalance. The man can be off balance.

Pushing a balloon [illustration] same mass arc

Pushing bowling ball [illustration] shoulder will move up.

Silk, extremely light. Settles slow (air is leaving).

Heavy winter coat -round corner indicates stiff not soft.

illustration of running water and oil.

Every action: body is important

Dance beat. Body is down (motion of body) then do legs, then do arms

Plan out pattern of dance with the body only.

Tap dance illustration. Dancing horse illustration.

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thank you for posting these notes!