Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Animation Notes: 11/16/89 - Strive For Simplicity

Here are notes from Tissa David's lecture on 11/16/89.

Always animate with your animation cutoff guide on your board.

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Camera moves shouldn't be visible and obvious, they should be felt.

When zooming go in a straight line [important note for motion graphics]
EXCEPTION: unless you are following an action.

Jump cut should have a visible difference in size.

Timing: correct way of saying something you feel. Leading into something
Timing will show emotions by the pacing.

VERY LOUD beat can be two frames ahead of the beat.

Gestures 6 frames ahead can help a loud beat (impact)
lead ball falling down, the effect comes after it is bouncing off.

Gestures before or after the statement are more effective.
using joint movement gives smoother, looser animation otherwise it would be stiff.

cycle: should be simple (it would be less obvious)
strive for simplicity

You need 6 frames to see anything.

[illustrated example of lifting a heavy rock]

1) anticipation of weight
2) lifting of the weight
3) actual weight

Animation is acting

Light scarf will move very slowly and flows.

leaf [illustrated example]

drop of water [illustrated example]

Fast actions will overlap.

Its not necessary to overlap action generally.

[illustrated examples: finger pushing, ball, ball bounce]

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