Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Some Guys Have All The Fun

Brian got to ride up to Hilltop Hanover Far, in Yorktown Heights NY with the rest of the (live action end) of the Little Pim crew to celebrate the release of the three latest DVDs.

Constant re-writes of a film due tomorrow prevented me from going.

The screening with the Something Good in the World went well -maybe because I wasn't there to scare the children and make them cry.

They especially liked the animation.  There's hope yet.

Wait until they learn about pandas' bad eating habits.  That was a dark day for the rest of us.


Adam Ansorge said...
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Adam Ansorge said...

is this a focus group?

roconnor said...

An informal focus group. A lot of the kids are in the videos, so they had a little party to screen them.