Thursday, May 20, 2010

Back in Time - Animator, Vol 2 No. 63

We've been trying to post these old union newsletters Ed Smith gave us in chronological order. As previously mentioned, they're so fragile that we'd rather not shuffle them into order before scanning -they literally turn to dust on touch.

So here's a batch that are a few months older than where we left off.

Vol 2. # 63 from the week of September 10 (1943?).

Page one runs down issues at all the signatory studios:

MGM: 3 "vacation cases"
Screen Gems: one artist being fought over by three studios
Schlesinger (later WB): Two artists are thought to be working above their grade. A checker working as an assistant supervisor (and being paid as a checker).
Pal: Vacation!
Disney: Discussion of a new classification since checking for a multiplane is significantly harder than standard downshoot checking.

Raphael G Wolff Studio gets organized with 9 employees in the guild.

The second page is devoted to a treatise on unionism.

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