Sunday, May 16, 2010

At The Zoo

Animators should make frequent trips to the zoo.

monkey frieze

some sweet day, I'll make her mine

get a little crazy, sea lions

that's not a knife

Bronx Zoo cheer

"Statue of Liberty play on three -and break."


 black is what I wear on the outside

Irish caribou

good watchdog



Bosch's model


feeling used

sleep bear with his Teddy Twig

people like to eat these guys


learning how to get in a row


Elliot Cowan said...

Monkey Freeze is an essential item in your jungle backpack.

Unrelated titlation: word verification is "cockrot", a scourge of jungle adventurers around the world.

Michael Sporn said...

I worked for almost ten years in the zoo when I was a kid. It's not easy going back there, though I should.

Liesje said...
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Liesje said...

Agreed. They should also remember to put the CF card in their camera. Grrrr...