Monday, January 19, 2009

Mad As Hell? Not Gonna Take It Anymore? Not So Fast!

"There's nothing good on TV!" you say?

Now that the Philadelphia Football Eagles have once again been turfed at the NFC Championship game, you may have point.

But wait!  You must have missed Ghoul-A-Go-Go.

Imagine Chief Halftown and Stella, the Maneater From Manayunk mixed in cauldron of Dick Clark.

If broadcast television were as good as this public access show, our world would be one giant leap closer to perfection.

First, you've got a ghoulish host and his Igor-like sidekick.  They also hang out with The Invisible Man, broads in bikinis and ass-kicking garage rock bands who dress up like monsters.

Oh, there's a bunch of dancing kids from Long Island, too.

Kids with the cool parents.

In studio skits are mixed with public domain films (like Department of Agriculture films from the 50s that have subtle re-cuts to make them even funnier) and original films about making monsters and gravedigging.

Did I mention the bikini babes?

The end credits include very cool skeleton stop motion by the bolexbrothers -animation too, man this show has it all!

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