Sunday, January 18, 2009

I Yam What I Yam

This is probably not a big deal to all of you coaster enthusiasts out there, but I think it's funny.

My father was Popeye fan - yesterday was his birthday, so encountering this in the Pathmark was kind of cosmic.

The great thing about American supermarkets is their unending cascade of useless garbage -foods that shouldn't exist, infinite variations on Pop Tarts and the sad sack off brands and generic trying to look appealing.

Fruity Dyno-Bites begs mom to just "TRY ME".  And what smart mom wouldn't?  Ok, the mom who doesn't buy sugar in bowl for breakfast -but look at their mascot!

It's a kangaroo!  Her name is "Cool Blue", in case you're color blind and hipness-impaired (the sunglasses were the big tip).  "Cool Blue", the kangaroo that is the mascot for some dinosaur flavored cereal has a joey (cute times 10!).  He's named "L'il Oaty".

Can you imagine what a blast the art director and illustrator had while conceiving this?

"Cool Animals"

"Easy, kangaroos"

"Nice, they're extreme.  But family friendly"

"Ok, Ok.  But we need to make sure everybody know's they're cool"

"Oakleys.  Duh!"

After a few more bong hits and games of GTA "L'il Oaty" was born.

That's just how Doritos got it's "Don't bogart my Smokey Reds!" campaign.

By the way, I'd love to animate "Cool Blue" and "L'il Oaty" I think we really understand the character.  Give me a call and we'll work up the numbers.

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