Saturday, January 17, 2009

i is a chav innit

We've been doing a lot documentary work.  I'm very happy about that. 

And some feature film work.  That's also something we set out to do.

The one big let down, and maybe this is related to the economy, is that we haven't done as much fashion animation as we had hoped.

We did a couple commercials last year for a high-end Orange County mall, not the volume of work we'd hope but not barren. 

The FIT gallery is around the corner from the studio.

This fall they a had terrific exhibit of Madame Grés which has been replaced with "Gothic".

Who doesn't love the gothicals?

Dames in black satin comin' at you.

The exhibit steers clear of the "gross" gothic -tattoos, dreadlocks and other unpleasantries.  We are treated to the "laboratory" -a series that includes goggles, metallic exoskeletons and mummy-like leather hoods.

The opening gallery introduces the historic reference to "goth" -Victorian corseting, vampire chic.  These are matched with a Givenchy from the 50's and a sexy Mugler from 1981.

A few hoods, a few too many Gallianos (their camp seem gaudy and out place with sly humor and tailor sexiness everywhere else) and several standout pieces from Rick Owens (new to me), Alexander McQueen and Yohji Yamamoto.

As sexy as the Demuelemeesters and (lone) Balenciaga are, they're nowhere close to the cool sexiness of gothic garb a Dame Darcy original:

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