Tuesday, January 20, 2009

First Days of Extreme Island?

The Bloomberg administration plans to unveil their new zoning plan for Coney Island today.

This is already online  I'm not sure what's going to be added.  Who of us really understands how municipal policy works?

Since more and more coaster enthusiasts enter the animation world each day, I figured I'd  keep them up to date.

I hope it looks something like the artist's concept above, and less like the one below.

If you look at the site, you'll see there's a coaster that flies all through the park.  Kids might like how EXTREME it is, sure.  But imagine you're at the beach for a day, taking a nice walk through the amusement pier, checking out the Wonder Wheel, getting some cotton candy and "AAAHAAHAAAAAHAAAHH!!!! WOOOOOO!O!!!O!" whooshes 30 feet over your head.

Use your heads, architects -this isn't Disneyland, it's not Six Flags.  Coney Island has a cultural significance and the ability to play an important part in the life of our city.  The revitalization (which I'm all for -some of the reasons in this post) will ultimately fail if it attempts to whittle the boardwalk into little round pegs to fit in unwanted holes. 

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Liesje Kraai said...

While not one of those famed 'coaster enthusiats', I'm still glad I got to see it before it gets turned into that eye-sore...