Monday, May 18, 2009

Born in Cheyenne, Died in Chula Vista, Living on in the National Film Registry

20th Century movies and television comedies used "home movies" as the punch line to weak jokes.

Personally, I've always loved home movies. Last weekend my high school pal Dan Barry reminded me how we would drive to yard sales and tape record people as they sold their heirlooms for whatever you're willing to pay.

This isn't voyeurism, it's not exploitation. It's a hardy optimism that every person has within them a genius, and every super 8 film had the capacity to be hilarious or profound.

The New York Times noted the passing of Sid Laverents at 100. A noble age for a man who represented some of the best characteristics of the American citizen.

Here's one of his films, "Multiple Sidosis".

Don't be put off by the slow start. The first minute is home made charm, the next couple are a sort of process documentary -but around the 5:00 it becomes transcendent.

Keep your eyes peeled for the Walt Disney influence.

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Liesje said...

It's kind of fitting to watch this via Youtube, a broadcaster for hundreds of thousands of modern-day homemade films.