Saturday, May 2, 2009

French and Frisky

Here's a 1956 collection of gag panels. They're not as "frisky" as you'd expect from the French.

There are few early Sempé illustrations.

before he was, you know, Sempé

The strongest are from the pen of Claude Raynaud. This is the only place I've seen his work. The style is standard 1950s, but the gags hold up.

This one is very French, if even less "frisky".


This was published in 1998 by two of my favorite non-Americans; drawn by Laurent Cilluffo and written by Valérie Cardon. Bingo.

Laurent has tight, distinctive line. Tight, but nothing like the clear line of Hergé. His line is design. His design is character.

The line is distinctive, but the application of color is downright unique. Loose shapes applied flatly with silkscreen.

This little book is about 40 pages.

page three

See a pattern emerging?

page five

You'll never guess how it ends. But I will hint -it's very satisfying!


lc said...

now, I'll need to look up "frisky" in the dictionary!
in the meantime, 'just wanted to say "thank you", Richard, for the nice things you wrote about BINGO.
I couldn't help but go thru older posts of your now bookmarked blog, and "nom de dieu!", how many memories it brought back...
I might be in town next June 9-15, an old project of mine I need to be in town to get some extra reference for, and hopefully you'll have some time to have a cup of coffee. hello to Brian.

roconnor said...

It's great to hear from you!

I was going to post images from that beautiful comic you did around 1998 (cour couruble, if my terrible French memory is clse), but it's still in a box.

Definitely stop by when you're here.