Sunday, May 17, 2009

Print Playing

"All About Prints" had its first broadcast last week.

PBS is peculiar about one-off documentaries like this. If they don't fit into one of the shows -"Great Performances", "American Masters", "The American Experience" -they have a hard time promoting them.

The first showing was in Kentucky last week. Adding to the obscurity, the production is in full 1080i HD. It seems like networks will run these shows in their HD stream and not their standard definition.

For the record, I can't call NTSC standard definition "SD". SD means serial digital to me.

"All About Prints" is being distributed by American Public Television. The next time you call up to complain about the Do-Wop fundraiser, tell your local station to pick up this film.

This is a clip from one of our graphics.

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