Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hot Topics

The other day I was regaled with tales of a suburban Hot Topic.

It reminded me of this pilot cartoon we made with Tim Fall and Rob Long who were producers on "Cheers"

Don Dog

I'm having trouble with the embed code. The whole show is on the site.

Bryan Cox is responsible for much of this. He did the character design and the storyboard. Characters are pretty good, the board is excellent.

Here's an "animatic". More of a talking storyboard, or in the ancient parlance: leica reel.

Christina Riley (then Capozzi) did all of the animation. I think one or two people may have done small scenes. This was the first time she used Flash.

Here are some alternate character designs by the singular Phil Marden.

mall cigar shoppe

happy birthday

These were ultimately too stylized for the script-based humor, but they're fun drawings.

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