Sunday, January 2, 2011

Cards received a lot of email Christmas cards this season.  Probably several dozen.

The downside is that the number of real cards is dwindling.  Somewhere around 40.  It's a product of a poor economy as much as anything.  Even our relatively low run (500) of inexpensive cards costs around $1000 including postage.

Maybe people are reluctant to send cards in hopes of avoiding our cold card scrutiny.

The best card this year was Liesje Kraai's.

The photo here doesn't do it justice.  Here are few "behind the scenes shots".  Look for the "making of" coming soon on her blog.

Other old standbys include Joey Album's, silkscreened card.

And R. O. Blechman's hand colored card.

I also liked Jeff Twiller's card, though it's not really a "holiday card".

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