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Top Cel Vol 1, #21: 11/06/44: The Girls of the Coloring Department...


In our issue two weeks ago we were told to remind the members that their dues were over due.  Since then 75% of those in arrears have proven that actually it was an oversight, as they are paid up today.

Another month is here already and some people own more than one month.  That is specially so among the new Work Permit artists at Famous.  A small meeting was arranged for them a week ago but the results were not very noticeable.

We have a union-shop agreement with Famous, which means that not only the members but the Work Permit people have to be in good standing as condition of employment.  The Union is planning to check with the Company by November 15 to enforce that agreement.  Consequently, every one at Famous should be paid up to and including the month of Nov. by the 15th.  Dues will not be accepted unless the lawyer's assessment is paid up.

Please DON'T pay to our Business Agent.  See your steward, the one in charge of that function.

Terry: C. Vinciguerra and Phyllis Shagrin.

Famous: Background, Bob Little; Story, A. Blashko; Camera, Eli Levitan; Painting, Judy Weiner and Doris Zvirin; Inking, Alice Rehberg; Inbetweening, Shirley Knoring; Animation, Joe Deneroff and Johnny Gentillela.

There were two different type of Bonuses for the Animation Department at Famous.  One, the proposed bonus plan under the contract the now so called 30-60%, and the other, completely apart from the contract of  $2.25 and $3.75 a foo in excess of 24 feet.  All payment has been made for the 30-60% bonus, according to the Company.

As to the $2.25 and $3.75, we are applying to the War Labor Board for approval to allow the company to pay.  The following is the list of people to whom the  money is due under that second bonus and the amount owed to them:

J. Carreon, $45; I. Dressler, $306; J. Walworth, $251.25; T. Golden, $116.25; G. Place, $202.50; L. Riley, $110.25;  A Pross, $105.75; P. DiAngelo, $45.00; and L. Zukor. $123.75.

Bonuses for inkers, painters and inbetweeners are being computed.


The girls of the Coloring Department are throwing a party at the Capitol Hotel, Friday Nov. 17th at 7:30 PM.  There will be plenty of home made entertainment, dancing and the brew will flow.  The girls extend an open invitation to the Studio members, the Terry crowd and specially, the Signal Corp fellows.

(From Letter to the Editor of PM)

"Dear Editor: The two soldiers sitting in the subway train had seen a lot of action.  A look at their campaign ribbons showed that.  One boy was what some might call a "typical" American -tall, rawboned, freckled-faced; the other was small and slight, obviously of Japanese heritance [sic].  A man stood in front of them glaring at the Japanese-American boy.  Then he gave vent to a stream of profanity that accused and denounced that boy because he dared to have Japanese blood, and has the audacity to wear an American uniform.  Neither of the soldiers said a word.  At the next station, they got off the train.  As they started to move toward the door, it was apparent to every person that the Japanese boy was blind, and needed the other man to guide him. (signed) Gertrude Berger."


Jim Logan, now a Cpl. writes from China that he'd like to hear from some of the T -T's. [Terrytoons?].  ASN. 32803996, Co. C, 835 Sign Serv. Bn. APO 488, c/0. P. I. N. Y.  ...Irving Dressler to the army... Jimmie Claby

running by accident into Andy Anderson in London... Perry Rosove attending gunnery school at Denver... Jim Will back in San Francisco after two years with the Marines in the Pacific...  Abner Kneitel's wife expecting a baby in FL... Sgt. Carmen Eletto and Pvt Frank Napoleon applying for membership from India... Bernadette Pillet working at Letro... Helen Bromback back on the 13th after some trouble with eye strain... Dick McDermott took third place in the "Art Fair Show" The President of Decca saw one of his Guam drawings in PM and wrote the Marine Corps trying to get the original for his collection.  He did! ...Dave Tendlar back after a brief vacation in Ohio... Dick Alexander a First Lieut. already with 35 missions, just returned to combat from a rest leave in Sidney... New at Famous Back Ground Dept., Lloyd Hallock.... Larea Bishop new settle in Texas subject to Army regulations... Phil Di Paolo in town... Joyce Martin new at Terry's... Finally we heard from George Giroux.  He is still in the US... From the Animator: "Katherin Coleman now Mrs. Allen Perkins; Norm Wright left Disney; S/Sgt. Stan Walsh awarded the Air Medal with an oak leaf cluster; Bill McIntyre now a Captain after his participation on Saipan... Don Lusk promoted to Master Tech. Sgt.; Fred Grable left Lantz."


Voters have already made up their minds about their choice in the presidential race.  But the feeling this year has run so high that there has been a tendancy to subordinate interest in the other candidates.  This is unfortunate, particularly at this time, since the voters of New York have a choice in the senatorial race that is worthy of much consideration.

No matter how one votes this year in the presidential race, everyone should see to it that Senator Robert Wagner retains his seat in the Senate.  Rarely has the electorate had the chance to vote for a man of such proven ability and sincerity.  Much of the great social legislation of the past 10 years, which has been praised by republicans and democrats alike, has been introduced or sponsored by Rob Wagner.  his achievements for the man or woman who works for a living are without parallel.  He deserves much of mankind, and for his part, he intends to do more for it.


Bill Pomerance chosen as Business Agent for the Screen Writers Guild.  During the next few weeks while winding up negotiations for the Cartoonists, he will divide his time between the two offices.  He will be suceeded as BA of the Hollywood Local by Maurice Howard, currently in charge of the San Jose office of the Calif. Labor Dept.  Howard is expected to take over his new job following his election by the membership on Nov. 15.

The Local in Hollywood will appeal the decision of Superior Judge Willis who refused to confirm arbitration award against Walt Disney Studios for approx. $10,000.  Arbiter held approximately 400 employees are entitled to pay for last New Years' and Christmas.  Studio had contended payment should not be made for holidays because they fell in the same week with a Saturday, for which employees received time and one half.

George Pal started his "Hatful of Dreams" new Puppetoon, with two new puppet characters featured, Punch and Judy.  Another series are announced with a new character named Panchito featured, conceived as bid for Latin America market.

Morey and Sutherland Productions gets a new film under way, titled "Lexican Serenade.  Cartoon is fourth in work for UA release.

Walt Disney films made for the Office of the Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs will be used in a new television program titled: "The World In Your Home", sponsored by the RCA Victor Division to start Nov. 17 over NBC's New York television station WNBT.

Walter Lantz has closed deal to make one-reel cartoon for non-theatrical showings and promotion of electricity for for group pf 260 light and power companies.  Lantz assigned Ben Hardaway and Milton Schaffer to prepare script.


The Union asks the members to cooperate with the management in an attempt to keep the studio in a more tidy condition.  Since there is a shortage of help, assistance is particularly required in the handling of refreshments.

If  your Local Theatre shows a cartoon you like- tell the manager.  If they don't show cartoons, ask for them.

At our next General Membership Meeting the recommendation to fine members $2 when they skip three meetings will come up.  Also payment of 150 dollars to our attorney.

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