Thursday, January 27, 2011

Children of the Hydra's Teeth - Part Five

Jason has just seen Aeetes grow an army of skeleton soldiers from the ground.

The audience has witnessed it too.

He's got two guys with him.  And they've seen it.

The actors here don't do a great job of acting.  Today's actor is much more comfortable with special effects and playing to a mark.

These guys are mostly stage actors.  They've played against other actors their whole careers.  Here, their job was to imagine the skeletons.

Aeetes does a great job of this -but he's got the "bad guy" part.  It's always easier to ham this up.

Again, this is a "process" shot.  The live action was projected, single frame, on to the stage and refilmed as the animation was done.

This sequence can not rely on performance.  The effect has to work based on editing and composition.

Aeetes gives us some gut when he orders "charge".

And the warriors advance.  The mixing of the pure live shots with the "process" shots sells the reality.

And the Argonauts retreating as the animation advances defines the stage geography and further sell the two techniques as one world.

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