Monday, January 3, 2011

Twilight Zone

My father wasn't a political guy at all, but he said if Rod Serling ran for President not only would he have voted for the man, it's likely the rest of America would follow suit.  Everything Serling said was so convincing.

He didn't know that Serling was also a war hero and likely overlooked the sharply political nature of many of his scripts.  It's just that Serling was so convincing.

I'm a little surprised that I never tried smoking, Rod Serling made it look so cool.

Above: opening to The Twilight Zone pilot

The best thing about New Year's Day is the Twilight Zone marathon on SyFy -the best thing after the Mummers Parade, anyway.

above: season one opening

The first season credits were produced by UPA under the direction of Sam Clayburger.

these were modified for Season two

Serling wrote around 2/3rds of the scripts.  90 or so.

and a new take for Season 3

Half-a-century later, it stands as some of the best writing and filmmaking for television.

the final two years shared the same titles

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