Thursday, January 13, 2011

Web Layout

The television commercial used to be the lifeblood of animation in New York.

That's hardly the case anymore.  There are a handful of outfits that produce commercials with any regularity (we'd like to consider ourselves among them, but it would all depend on the definition of "regularity").  Most of those shops are still diversified into other production outlets.

Web banners represent an untapped production stream for animation facilities.  They may not have the complexity of narrative or animation quality that broadcast offers but banners have their own technical and design hurdles that make them creatively interesting.

One of these hurdles is layout.

In our campaign for Infor with Steve Brodner we had to create several size and scales.  This is standard for banners.

Design also tells the story.  There narrative in layout.  That's part of the challenge of bringing traditional animation and film skills to an interactive media.


Australia Web Development said...

I like how you incorporate traditional animation and film skills with interactive media in banners. Great concept and originality.

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