Monday, January 31, 2011


For several years The Ink Tank had good gig with CBS Entertainment doing animation for the NBC broadcast "Caroline in the City".

The first season had regular opens of full animation.

The title card (created for the pilot) was animated by Ed Smith after designs by Bonnie Timmons.  The remaining full opens were animated by Kris van Alphen.  He had been recommended by Paul Dreissen.  For most of the run he animated from his home in Belgium.

We'd get the scripts from Los Angeles, send the boards to Europe and receive animation drawings via DHL back in New York.

After the first season, it became clear that a new opening in full drawn animation wasn't the most cost effective production policy.

The producers cut back to animated establishing shots.  These were usually building exteriors with bits of animation, walks mostly or passing cars.  That animation was largely done by Igor Mitrovic.   This went on for maybe 4 or 5 more years under the direct supervision of Nina Crews, then Shawn Atkins. 

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Michael Sporn said...

It wasn't a bad sitcome, either.