Saturday, January 1, 2011

Calendar Girl

My ol' pal Dame Darcy sent me a 2011 calendar.

I have her 2010 calendar above my desk.  In September, Dana from WNET pointed out that I hadn't changed it since May.

I keep most of my calendar in my head -there's plenty of empty space, or on the dry erase in the studio.

This is a nice backup.  Each month is illustrated with one of her signature Victorian/Ed Gorey inspired drawings and the calendar itself lets you know the dates for things like "Festival of Flora" (4/29), "Full Moon with Lunar Eclipse" (6/15),  or just marked with advice "$ Bless your inner sexy witch, take a memaid bath in epsom saltwater" (9/1).

They're for sale on her Etsy Shoppe.

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