Sunday, February 20, 2011

New York Dolls

I hadn't been to the Museum of the Moving Image since its renovation.

That was a few years back. I remember it being more friendly, less airport-y. I also remember the permanent exhibition to be more interesting, less Hard Rock Cafe.

That's how time distorts memory. Things seem better then than they are now.

This weekend they're doing a series on Manhattan Cable Access. It sure makes New York City seem like a much cooler place 30 years ago than it is today. Even the woman obsessed with "clubs" seems like a genuine weirdo and not a pseudo-socialite on a shoe shopping mission.

The other impetus for the visit was to take in my pal Martha Colburn's new film, "Dolls vs. Dictators" and the adjacent installation. The museum commissioned it.

I saw a version in progress a little while back. The color of the project here looks great.

The show runs through April 10.


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