Friday, February 18, 2011

Children of the Hydra's Teeth - Part Ten

When we last left our hero, Jason was kicking in the dental work of one of Aeetes' skeleton warriors.

This upsets them further, prompting the skeletons to climb the ruins and give chase.

They all run off clearing frame.


One enters frame chasing Jason.

This is a pretty bad cut.

There's no need to give the extra two or three seconds on either end for the frame to clear entirely.

You can cut out after the first 1/3 of the characters have cleared frame and cut in as the first character or two enters frame.

In this case, Jason is well clear of the edge of the frame by the time the skeleton begin to leave frame. We could easily have cut to him mid run in the second shot.

As it cuts now, the action is all a little slow. In a bad way.

It's buoyed by the great soundtrack, but in film, it's best to let the picture do the talking.

The cut in to the medium close is pretty good. It's a match cut on action.

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