Thursday, February 10, 2011

Children of the Hydra's Teeth - Part Eight

Now we get into the fight.

But first Jason and his men jockey for position.  (or run away scared)

In the above shot, note how Jason stands calmly in the background waiting for his men to clear.

You can't have a mob rush the camera.

And back to Aeetes.  This is the last we'll be seeing of him.  This cut was necessary to give time for the action below to set up off screen:

And here is our first combat.  In a wide shot.  The distance of this shot allows for loose and chaotic action without precise animation.

Then a cut to a close angle.

You probably wouldn't storyboard like this, it's the sort of cut which slows a scene.  But we are getting some more information and more dynamics.

Then a close up on Jason.  Note he's thrusting down -always keep screen direction in mind.  The angle also make eye-lines less important.

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