Thursday, February 3, 2011

Children of the Hydra's Teeth - Recap

There have been around 40 "scenes" (to use the animation term) in the Skeleton Fight sequence from "Jason and the Argonauts" which have been posted so far.

Here, we'll call a "scene" from cut to cut.

These are primarily 8 shots plus 4 more effects shots (primarily animation) which come towards the end and are used only once each.

This shot happens 3 times:

It's the first in the sequence and is revisited twice.

It intercuts with the close on the skeletons growing.

The above is used 5 times and also cuts with a close of Jason.

This is used 5 times.  The first time with a slight move.  It is revisited throughout the length of the sequence.

The other Argonauts are cut to 4 times.

There are three different actors shown, but the framing is identical and the purpose of the cut is the same.

We get Aeetes 3 times in the cool extreme close.

And 3 more times in a medium.

We also see him 4 times in the (below) process shot with the skeletons.

Which  sort of demonstrates that, at least in terms of cuts, there weren't too many effects shots in the beginning of the sequence.  They were just used to their maximum potential.

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