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Top Cel Vol 1, #11: 6/9/44. Educational Films

More interesting stuff from The Top Cel.

The last entry here is an announcement for "Swing Street" which would go on to become Disney's "Make Mine Music".


Our second elections are here and a review of the development of our Local will not be amiss.

One year ago, we were brand new, inexperienced and born at a time when it was necessary to play second viola to the war effort.  In addition our behavior was under critical scrutiny of both management and labor.  So, in retrospect, we think Local 1461 has grown up very satisfactorily under its handicaps, and our we feel that orchids are due ourselves and our leadership.  Especially, do we wish to commend the Terrytoons group for the most remarkable endurance in a bad situation, and, in particular, our first President, Bob McKee, who has shown both push and endurance at a personal risk.

Specifically, we report that the contract at Terrytoons is about to be signed; that the WLB has approved all provisions of the contract of the Famous Unit with the exception of salaries and the Bonus plan.  (To be discussed at the next meeting.)  And those should be approved very soon.

The general machinery of our Local is clicking.  We have an office and a paid Business Agent and Lawyer to keep it clicking.

On Monday, June 12th the stewards will give the General Membership ballots, on the bottom of which will be stubs.  Each individual will receipt his ballot by signing its stubs and returning it to the steward in charge.  Ballots will be placed in boxes on Tuesday, June 13.  It's very important that we all vote and vote wisely.  Our leadership must continue to be strong and well informed.  THINK BEFORE YOU VOTE!


Only 11 Disney shorts will be released this years, due to pressure of production for various government agencies... The Screen Publicists Guild (Hollywood) has voted 234 to 30 in favor of applying to the Brotherhood of Painters for a Local charter.. Another member in our family...... The Disney publicity boys tell the press that Walt has installed recording and playback machine outside the studio theater to preserve reactions of his picture previews.  Three mikes have been placed to hear all the workers have to say... Acting on a request from Washington, Hugh Harman Studio last week began preparing scripts and story boards for two special comedy subjects in technicolor, to be rushed to forces now fighting in Italy.  One print of each film is to be made with Italian narration.   Robert Allen is handling direction... George Pal's shorts for Paramount, hereafter will be billed as "puppetoons", instead of "Madcap Models".... Disney is planning to have simultaneous openings of "The Three Caballeros" in New York, Mexico City and Rio de Janeiro....

The negotiations in the coast: after nixing the 20% cut in reissues, Mr. O'Rourke, representing Lantz and Disney, counterproposed to renew their present agreement for next TWO years.... Leon Schlsinger proposed the same.  Metro and Screen Gems, took similar position.  At Pal the negotiations were broken and resumed.  Finally at Disney, the Conciliation Div. of the US Department of Labor was called, trying to adjust the differences (like we did with out Terry contract).  Local 852 claims

that not only the counterproposal don't offer anything new, but they actually offer to bring about a weakening of several of their classifications, such as Story, Layout and Background.  Disney is offering an incentive Bonus Plan... the Guild is set against it...


"Movies are a half-century old and educators tried feebly to make teaching tools of them decades ago.  Even now they are mere educational sideshow.  But recently the University of Chicago gave signs of leading a movement into the main tent.  Its President accepted as a gift, Eastman Classroom Films, Inc., a $1,000,000 outfit.  Eastman now becomes part of the University's Encyclopedia Britannica Films, Inc/ which has also acquired from Western Electric the $3,000,000 ERPI Classroom Films.  All told, Britannica can distribute about 500 films, graded from primary schools to teachers' colleges.  This makes Britannica the biggest thing in the field.  And it agreed with film men who think it is small potatoes compared to post war possibilities.

Film enthusiasts point to the US Armed Forces wartime record.  Many a military trainer facing a problem has appealed to Washington: "Let's make a movie."  The Signal Corps has made 1,000 films, the Navy 700 for training flyers alone.  Today there are 15,000 16-millimeter projectors available in US schools.  New schools with projection facilities in every classroom are being planned by many communities.  In addition to Chicago, institutions active in producing or distributing educational films, include Vassar, NYU, Indiana, California, Georgia, The Rockefeller Foundation-backed American Film Center has been working in the field.  If such producers can overcome the hurdle of distribution problems, which defeated man earlier educational-film projects, they may lead in postwar developments."  (Time, April 24/44)


S/Sgt. George Baker finishing a book... Tony Loeb's been passing cut cigars according to the old tradition.... The Fannings, changing domicile again (a few doors away 'the).... Bob, Grant and a few others of Culver City tried to get out of the Army Air force.  The answer was NO.... Al Geiss working at Terry for the past three months. ....The Sid Pihlets leaving the East Coast... Mat Salzinger substituting for Warren Welch who says he hasn't been fired.... "C-L" Hartman weeding last week was quite an affair.  Congratulations! ....some of the Waves at the Anacostia Unit were  allowed to move off the Base and are they happy...  Muriel Batherman no longer at Famous... Howard Baldwin have received a commendation for the Commanding General of the Second Air Force.  he is doing safe-flying propaganda... New at Famous, Ken Licht, Sara Tsuruoka, Gloria Beckerman... Jim Carmichael has been yanked up to the Combat Intelligence Section at Air Force HQ.  "First time I've been behind a drawing board since I've been in this G-I suit". ....


Ruling announced by Selective Service Headquarters on reemployment procedure:

"A returning veteran is entitled to reinstatement or one of like seniority, status reinstatment necessitates the discharge of a non-veteran with greater seniority.

"Seniority rights accumulate during the veteran's period of active service in the armed forces in the same manner as they would have accumulated had he remained continuously at work in his civilian occupation.

A veteran, in order to claim reinstatement in a position must  be qualified to perform the duties and functions of that position.  If unable to qualify for an upgraded job, he is, nevertheless, entitled to a position equal in seniority, status and pay to the one which he left.

A veteran is entitled to his former position or one of like senority, status and pay, and may refuse another, even though the pay is greater and offer other advantages.


Walt Disney will make a feature representing a saga of music from modern to classic to boogie, woogie, which is tentatively titled "Swing Street".   Benny Goodman has been signed to do the hepcat portion.  This picture will be all cartoon and will include "Peter and the Wolf", "Martins and the Coys" "Clare de Lune" and two silhouettes written by Disney composers.

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