Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Morning Musical Movie

This is a little film we did at The Ink Tank for Children's Book of the Month Club based on the very great Sandra Boynton's song and story.

It was one of the last pieces shot on film. The bulk of the animation was done by Kris van Alphen, who was recommended to R. O. Blechman by Paul Driessen. Kris did all the animation on the first season of "Caroline in the City" -the studio produced a new opening every week for 26 episodes.

Krystoff Giersz did the revision work. Kris van Alphen was living in Belgium so it was easier to have someone local take care of the changes. I only remember two. One was to make the musical notes bigger when they flew out of the book. The other was to make the bird at the end turn around to look at other ones.

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