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Top Cel Vol 1, #10: 5/26/44. Popeye Reviews, Ballot


Our attorney gave a detailed resume of the negotiations at Terrytoons.  The negotiations were open (ie goldfish bowl); the union was strongly united and a company proposal was received on May 13.  Since all points were not met a letter was sent to Mr. Weiss by action of the animators.

An early decision on the Famous Bonus system has been promised by the War Labor Board.

Since the nomination of candidates for office at our next elections at the Knickerbocker Hotel June 13 took place at a General Membership meeting that conflicted with a Terry meeting regarding their contract, it was felt that Terry was badly represented.   The Board recommended that the next General Membership meeting (May 16-New Rochelle) make adjustments.

The Business Agent requested and received permission to print extra numbers of "Top Cel" whenever deemed necessary.  The extra edition is subject to the okay of the Editor.


Motion made, seconded and carried that extra nominations be held for next month's elections to be added to the ballot.

Mr. Terry in replying to the Animator's letter informed the union through his lawyer that he would agree to the change with two exceptions: (1) there would be  no recognition of the union shop but only maintenance of membership, (2) the scope of grievance procedure would be limited to disputes arising out of interpretation of contract.

Our lawyer read the proposed contract and it was found the company proposed an apprenticeship period for Layout men (not in the Famous contract) and an extra classification of "Other Camera Men" in addition to a salary of $60.00 for regular cameramen instead of the $70.00 provided in the Famous contract.

It was decided to accept the contraction if the Union Shop clause would be included and the salaries conform to those of the Famous Unit and if our attorney approves the language.


Wm. Pattengil now a Specialist (photography) 3/C.... Eddie Rehberg announces change of residence... now at Will Rogers Sanitarium, Saranac, NY.... wold like to strike up a brisk correspondence, so sharpen those penpoints.... Louba Medaisky has parted company with Famous Studios... Opaque has another male representative... welcome Kenneth Litch..... Bernice Bernstein, Marge York and Warren Welch away on leaves of absence... Nellie Sanborn in charge of inking now that Aaron Krawitz has vacated residence for greener pastures... (Locks and Norling).... Tommy Inada now in an army background Dept. in Camp Savage, Minnesota... .. Rose Schoenberg back at work in timing.. it's been a long time, Rose....


Remember to get your Soldier Ballot Form out pronto.  Without a Federal system of voting, the burden is put upon us to see that the soldiers get a square deal.  See your Steward!!!


Some excerpts from trade journals on some of the more recent Famous films;

MARRY-GO-ROUND.  Mirthful.  Popeye, as as sailor in the Navy, gazes from his hammock to his pin-up girls and starts pondering out loud on how to propose to Olive Oyl, who is running a boarding house.  Shorty give him a rehearsal.  After several hilarious tries, Shorty nearly gets hooked and Popeye get belligerent -without spinach.  It is one of the best in some time and the Technicolor is fine. ("Boxoffice Showmansier. 1/29/44/)

MARRY-GO-AROUND. (Very Good)  The Popeye series, since the adoption of Technicolor, has taken on new...

...life and refreshment.  With no let up in Popeye's marital designs on Olive Oyl, the short brings his fruitless proposals one step near distraction.  Popeye takes a few instructions from his pal, Shorty, and when he muffs his lines while popping the question, Shorty takes over in the Charles Boyer manner, proving too hot for Popeye's health.  Olive goes for "What-a-man" Shorty and Popeye has to step in to break up the chase.  (Showmen's Trade Review.  2/6/44)

HER HONOR THE MARE.  Better than usual.  At last Popeye has succumbed to the lure of color.  And what an improvement!  This cartoon is far and away the best of the series to be turned out in a long, long time.  This time Popeye is involved with a broken-down mare which his nephews bring home.  He tries every trick to get rid of the mare but changes his mind when the stork call on the animal.  Technicolor should give new life to the series. ("Film Daily", 12/16/43.)

HER HONOR THE MARE. First in a new series of "Popeyes" in Technicolor, "Her honor the Mare" is a hilarious cartoon which feature the sailorman's three nephews and an old nag they rescued from the glue factory and brought home for a household pet.  Pop's efforts to get rid of the horse fail and the end finds friend horse dining with Popeye and the three boys.  Technicolor does a lot for this.  The musical background is excellent and the story is good.  Popeye's many friends will like this one.

HER HONOR THE MARE.  (Excellent)  This first of the Popeye Cartoons in Technicolor is a bang-up piece of horseplay about a horse hat came to dinner.  Popeye's nephews find the horse a fugitive from a glue factory.  They bring him home, where the efforts of Popeye to get rid of the unwelcomed though rejuvenated horse provides some hilarious moments.  The arrival of the stork with four little horses saves the day for the nephew's pet.  The addition of color in the popular Popeye series is a well taken step and sure to meet with popular approval.

HEART THIEF.  "HULABALULU stole our patron's hearts.  Many stayed to see her the second time and each performance was greeted with applause."  Buster Scott, Orpheum, Waco.

LULU GETS THE BIRDIE.  Swell.  The high standard of cartoon fun established by Little Lulu in her past two efforts is maintained in the third number of the series.  Lulu has a winsome charm which is fully exploited by he animators.  Here, she gets angry at a little red bird for carrying tales, and almost causes its sudden demise at the hands of a greedy cat. However, her conscience balks, and Lulu sets things aright.  ("Boxoffice Showmandiser" 5/13/44.)


Saul Kessler ("Top Cel's" own Ernie Pyle) scrapping he bottom of the barrel for gossip material... Steve Gattoni put $2.00 on a horse named "Double Itch" but the nag was "scratched".... One April "Heavy Dew" day, "Tony" Creazzo came to work singing "Oh what a beautiful morning"... he had won a bottle of scotch in a raffle.  Mrs. Tessa Petrizzi, ace inker and colorer, off to Little Rock, Ark. to be with her hubby -who's in the combat engineers..... Dot Loth returned to Cincinnati to be with her other half... Larry Silverman took a couple of days off...  "to get away from it all".


George Pal may do a number of Puppetoon sequences in forthcoming Paramount musicals.... Demands by the Screen Cartoonist's Guild for 20% of box office receipts on reissues and television have been refused by Film producers.  ....Negotiations were recessed with the understanding that counter proposals will be submitted.  "SCG-Geo Pal Now Ain't -Hollywood, May 16. -Screen Cartoonists Guild and George Pal Studios have broken off negotiations, following a deadlock on classifications presented by the union.  Meeting of the Pal Guild unit has been called to give SCG officers authorizations to take any action they deem advisable to protect the members.  If negotiations are not resumed, there is a possibility that the unit will be broken up and the craftsmen distributed in other unions affiliated with the Congress of Studio Unions.


It's nearing election time and its good time that some real thought be given to the leadership you want in your union.  The union represents labor's side of the business arrangement and warrants a business like approach.

The election is not a popularity contest and you don't have to poll your best friend.  Vote for the person you think is best suited to represent your viewpoint with strength.  The following is the elected ballot.  Check up the candidates and know whom you're voting for.

Elections will take place next General Membership meeting, June 13, at the Knickerbocker Hotel in 45th & Sixth Ave., New York.


PRESIDENT                    Orestes Calpini
                                          Larry Silverman
                                          Ralph Pearson

VICE-PRESIDENT           Bob Little
                                           Nick Tafuri
                                           Ralph Pearson
                                           Martin Taras

RECORDING SEC.          Marea Bishop
                                           Woody Gelman
                                           Shirley Knoring [So S. Knoring isn't a clever nom de plume!]
                                           Wilma Stevens
                                           John Walworth

FINANCIAL SEC.            Morey Reden
                                           Alice Rehberg
                                           Phyllis Shagrin
                                           Judy Weiner

TREASURER                    Irving Dressler
                                           Dave Tendler
                                           Gordon Whittier

CONDUCTOR                  Joe Oriolo
                                           Johnny Gentillela
                                           Lee Donahue
WARDEN                          Joe Deneroff
                                           Joe Oriolo
                                           Lou Zukor

TRUSTEE I                       Johnny Gentillela
                                           Nick Tafuri
                                           Dave Tendler
                                           Martin Taras
TRUSTEE II                      Elaine Nickerbocker
                                           Carlo Vinciguerra
                                           John Walworth
                                           Gordon Whittier

TRUSTEE III                     Tony Crecizza
                                           Mildred Bishop
                                           Don Figlozzi
                                           Joe Deneroff

TOP CEL EDITOR            Woody Gelman
                                           Frank Little
                                           Lawrence Riley

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