Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday Morning Station ID

When Sesame Workshop and Nickelodeon first started up Noggin about 10 years ago, they contacted several production companies to pitch station IDs.

We came up with probably about a dozen ideas at The Ink Tank, this is the one they chose to produce.

It's conceived and directed by one of my favorite people in the world, Alex Reshanov, who also did all the AfterEffects animation.


Michelle Folkman said...

Is that Morgan Freeman on Electric Factory? I loved that show, and MF was great, too bad all his roles now have such gravitas. I am intrigued by "the pitch". What exactly do you guys do for a pitch? Love to hear more..

roconnor said...

That is indeed Morgan Freeman "grooving on all the words around".

I don't think I still have the materials we made for the Noggin pitch.

I do remember working up some rudimentary storyboards and designs. Their logo prospectus was to retain the bottom of the face and anything can fill the top. So that generated a lot of ideas.

I went to 1515 Broadway with Jesse Gordon, a terrific live action director who had come up with some cool ideas we would produce and Hiroko Nagao who was a staff artist that I wanted to get more experience with client-types.

We went through all our ideas with Essie, the head of the network. Some were boards, some were written treatments -nothing too elaborate.

A few days later they came back saying this was the one they wanted.

They picked this, I think, because they could see it fit easily within their price point, it integrated footage of their shows in a cohesive way, and it involved a (then) fresh look and technique.

We'll see if we can throw together a post or two on pitching these sorts of projects.