Monday, August 16, 2010

Big Throw

I'm an Eagles fan.

While I concede the negative connotations that go along with that -throwing snowballs at Santa, et cetera -I can also admit when another team (even the hated Giants) do something great.

This is something we're looking at for a project.  Eli Manning's improbable pass to David Tyree in the Super Bowl.

It's one camera shot (plus a close), and makes for a great dynamic scene.  An excellent storyboard study.

In the first panel we have the quarterback in a long shot, a crowd scene.    The Patriots defender crosses frame large in the second panel.  In panel three Manning escapes the crowd an drops back, giving a clear silhouette in the frame, this continues in panel 4.

Panel 5 is the ball in the air.

Panel 6 see the ball land in wide shot, in traffic.  We're not sure what happened as we zoom in to the scuffle.

The last three panels are another camera.  They could easily cut in after panel 6 for a continuous narrative action sequence.

This sequence, as true with most sports, follow the natural eye of the viewer.  It's how we track events.  Naturalistic storytelling benefits from utilizing the same patterns.

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