Saturday, August 14, 2010

Some Housekeeping

Here's where we ask for your money.

If not your money, your clicks.  Unfortunately, we don't actually get any of your money either way.


First, please vote for our panel at SXSW.   I'd love the glamour of a free festival pass.

CLICK HERE to vote.


Congratulations to John Pirozzi and Linda Saphan.  Their Kickstarter campaign for "Don't Think I've Forgotten" doubled their goal.

We've been working hard on a few minutes of animation for this remarkable film.


Also on the Kickstarter front, our friends at Arts Engine are in the last week of a funding drive.

A few dollars can help finish this interesting film (and let them contract us for some graphics!).

Netflix subscribers can stream The Buddha on demand.


Moment of Death is now available on DVD from National Geographic.

We're currently in production a similar film for National Geographic, hopefully it'll turn out just as well.


Another film we contributed to The Private Lives of Pippa Lee is available on DVD

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