Sunday, August 15, 2010

More News - Animator Vol III #2

I guess we have a couple more Animator newsletters.

This is Volume III.  They're in much better shape and have significantly higher production value.

Page one features a touching remembrance penned by Chuck Jones in honor of Franklin Roosevelt.  Jones, of course, was an ardent FDR supporter and his tribute is personal and heartfelt.

Page two has a note opposed to the California Conference of Painters (AF of L) move to outlaw spray equipment by union painters and a letter to the editor from Chris Ishii.


"We are waiting for the Disney decision which is due any day now.  A meeting of inkers and painters at Disneys is scheduled to discuss what to do with the incentive plan.

At Palls the panel of the War Labor Board is studying briefs and evidence prior to rendering their decision.  We are hoping for a substantial increase that will bring the rates in this studio up to somewhere near the levels paid elsewhere.

The Plastic dispute over wages has been referred to the War Labor Board for hearing.  At Graphic a contract has been negotiated that is satisfactory to the employees.  It provides for classifications and wage rates comparable to the other studios with the addition of a classification known as Technical Designer.

At Screen Gems, ten employees are up for wage increases on a Form 10.  The increases are for five and ten dollars weekly raises.

The Union has opened up the contract at all studios for the coming year.  The specific proposals will be presented later. Wages, earned vacations, cumulative sick leave and screen credit are some of the clauses we will open up for collective bargaining.

Page three

Headlines: A. C. T. Inaugurates Lecture Series
Service Ribbon
April Initiations
The Home Front

War Dept. Releases Lantz Short:
The War Dept. has released for mass public showing a cartoon produced by Waltz Lantz entitled "Two Way Street," explaining how lend lease operates.

The film, directed by Jim Culhane, will be shown at 14,000 movie houses.

Page 4

A few letters from members in the armed forces and a photo Air Corp Animation Unit.

Some names that pop out (I'm too young to remember faces): Norman McCabe, Jack Schnerk, Willis Pyle (who animated Blechman's Alka Seltzer Stomach), Major Rudolf Ising, Sgt Julius Engel, S/Sgt. John K. Hubley, Rudy Larriva, William T. Hurtz and Phil Monroe.

Page five reports a new production manager at Screen Gems.

Old Masters

Donald Duck as the old masters might have painted him (given a prominent spread in a recent issue of "Life") was a gag that just grew.  They were done in colored pencils to simulate oils and pastels.  The perpetrators and artists were John Dunn, Ray Patin, and Phil Klein.

[note to duck lovers: keep your eyes peeled for Life magazine from the first half of 1945.]

A sports column recounting inter-animator matches (Ken Harris downed Bob Gribbroek 6-2 6-2; Bill Justice dropped Ham Lusk 6-1 6-0).

Everyone is invited to attend the Girl's Softball games held at Disney's almost every noon.  (Boys, it is rumored that the girls are attired in those very brief playsuits).

Page six "inbetweens" gives a full accounting of gossip and goings on in the represented studios.

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