Monday, August 23, 2010

Animator 1950

So this is really the last of the Screen Cartoonists Local 852 newsletters in our collection.

From here we'll be moving on to a full run of the East Coast Union's "Top Cel".

This is from May 1950.

The front page notified the members of a non-work action against Jerry Fairbanks Studio for a year old issue of severance and vacation.

A list of nominees for union offices appears.  Bill Scott is on the ballot to edit the newsletter.  I wonder if it suddenly became funny.

Page two is a letter from Bill Littlejohn (not only a great animator, but the guild Business Agent) address the possibility of a strike.

Finally from "Variety" May 18, 1950

"Disney in Black; 75G 6-Mo. Net ...In a report to stockholders, Paul L. Pease, treasurer, said the 'outlook for the fiscal year, ending Sept 30 1950 has been materially improved by the boxoffice showing of 'Cinderella'.  The prospect now is for modest net profit for 1950, compared with the net loss of $93,899 in 1949..."

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