Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Animation Note 2/22/90 - Four Legged Walks, Smoke

Here are notes from Tissa David's lecture at The Ink Tank, 2/22/90.

Four legged walks

Above: Start on standing pose
Always start on the hind legs
Walking has three feet on the ground
Two feet off will always be on the same side (she's talking about elephants, I guess)

All animals walk the same way except each animal has their personal characteristics.

(sketches of various animals)


Smoke is weightless.

Menacing smoke

Cigarette smoke (light and lifeless)


Evening or morning make shadows long for mood.

Mood of sunset long shadow -use shape only when you need it.

Clouds (drawing)


House into person flip and imagine or see what it suggests then proceed.
Work one shape into another and snap it in.

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