Friday, July 16, 2010

Tune In Tonight

Our fifth piece for "Need to Know" airs tonight. PBS 8:30 (check local listings).

The show in its entirety will be available at: by Saturday morning. At some point our segment will be up for individual linking.

We had a little more time than usual on this. We shot on Friday (one week ago). I didn't start editing until Monday -sending the 'radio edit' of the segment to the network by early afternoon with the picture to follow on Tuesday.
By Wednesday we had all the animation and the whole thing pretty much locked. Thursday bright and early Steve Brodner came into loop some dialogue which we didn't get down in the shoot (the first time we've done that on any of these films).

Friday night -on the air!

There was something kind of mellow and enjoyable about this one. On Monday we came up with a soundtrack- a kareoke version of Billy Joel's "Just the Way You Are." It was funny and appropriate but I kinda hate Billy Joel so on Thursday morning another track struck me- a 30s dance hall version of "Love For Sale". It's a toss up as to which is "better" so we delivered both.

That's one great thing about PBS, all music is fair use and free.


Marc said...

Just curious about your last point... Why is all music fair use and free on PBS?

roconnor said...

That's copyright law in the US.

I guess it has to do with a public FCC license. Same is true for public radio.

When PBS shows go to DVD, they need to get clearance and pay residuals. On something like Ken Burns' "Jazz" that's a big job.

Liesje said...

It's karaoke.