Sunday, July 18, 2010

Animator #90 - Politics


STATE OF THE UNION: Discovering fro one of the painters at Disneys that while a great many people read the Animator everybody reads the Inbetweens, we are going to see how the above caption will effect things.

DISNEYS: Suit has been filed in the Superior Court for the enforcement of the arbiter's award granting us two days pay for Xmas and New Years.  It should come up for hearing early this month.

As was reported to you, the hearings before the War Labor Board on our negotiations have been concluded.  The Company submitted a post hearing brief which we haven't examined yet.  As soon as we get a copy we will inform you of its contents.

We have asked for arbitration of one case in the Story Dept.  Several other matters have been settled.  At the time there are two new cases in Checking.

MGM: An all day off the record meeting was held for the purpose of seeing whether or not there is a chance of our getting together with the Company on the new contract.  We are awaiting the Company's counter proposal which should be forthcoming early next week.  If no agreement is reached this matter will go to the WLB so that it may be concluded.

SCREEN GEMS: On negotiations - we are awaiting the outcome of the MGM situation.

Four cases are pending which we believe will be cleared up very quickly.

WARNER BROS: (Schlesingers) The case of payment for Xmas and New Years was forwarded by the Conciliation Dept. here to the War Labor Board in Washington.  (Schlsinger's attorney stated they are awaiting the outcome of the elections, he said if Dewey wins they will not  be faced with WLB orders and will not have to pay).

LANTZ: We have been trying to reach agreement with his attorney to hold arbitration on the Xmas and New Years case.

PALS: All pending disputes with the Pal Studio have been ironed out.  Pals have agreed to pay all employees for last Xmas and New Years and agreed to two retroactive adjustments on classifications.  We on our side have dropped several of our claims.

PLASTIC: We have not had a chance to continue negotiations since our first two meetings.

BUNINS: There are three matters pending here.

Make sure click the image to see the call for help on a mural for the Hollywood U. S. O.


Included here is notice of a Ping Pong team's defeat of Lantz and a challenge to all comers.

KARL VAN LEUVEN flees Disney to form a partnership with C. M. Deasy, architect.  The new firm is labeled DEASY AND VAN LEUVEN. 

Monday, October 2, the LA Times reported Walt Disney's contribution of $500 to Congressman Norris Poulson's reelection campaign.  Poulson voted against the Federal Ballot for Soldiers; wrong on Price Roll back; wrong on Home Owners Loan Corp; wrong on Crop Insurance; wrong on the Ruml Plan; against a $25,000 ceiling; for the Smith-Connally Bill.  He did vote against the Poll Tax and for funds for subsidies.  All labor and liberal forces in his district are backing Ned Healy.

The sponsors for Dewey list contained the names of Leon Schlesinger, Walter Lantz, Messrs. Disney as well as Gunther Lessing.

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