Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I picked up a 1975 issue of Graphis for the Roland Topor cover story and found two other notable articles inside.  In the future I'll post the magazine's wrap up of that year's Annecy festival.

For now, a piece written by Stanley Mason on a Marguerita Bornstein -well known at the time by simply  "Marguerita".

Being an international magazine, the editorial commentary is short. Just the top section of this page is the actual copy of the write up, it's then repeated in English and French.

The gist: Marguerita was born in Australia, raised in Brazil and returned to Australia where she became a household name in illustration and worked in animation.

A comparison is made to Tomi Ungerer -fair in one regard, unfair in another.  That's like measuring a left handed pitcher against Steve Carlton and his slider.

The top two frames are from an animated title sequence for "O Rebu" a Brazilian television series.

Much is made of 1950s animation design.  It's been recycled to intramural acclaim for the past couple decades.  I prefer the rawness of the 1970s stuff.

Above: frame from animated sequence from the Brazilian broadcast film "How To Make Your Child Schizophrenic".

The artist has been living and working in New York for some time but I'm unaware of any film work since this article.

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