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Animator #88 - "I Want My Two Days Pay!"

Issues numbers 86 and 87 are missing, so here goes issue 88 from August 18, 1944.

The resolution of the holiday pay at Disney from the dispute in issue 85 is reported.


DISNEY:  All under our jurisdiction receiving less than $5,000 a year base pay will get an additional two days pay (last Xmas and New Years).  The Local is presently asking the Treasury Dept. (by request of the Company) for permission to pay those over $5,000 the two days also.

SCREEN GEMS: The only Company so far to agree to pay the two days Xmas and New Years without any quibbling.

MGM: Is not quibbling, the even refuse at this point to agree to arbitrate.

WARNER BROS: (note, no longer Schlesinger) Leon Schlesinger has it that the question of Xmas and New Years is a legal matter.  Not being able to understand the meaning of this, we have wired for a conciliator.

LANTZ: The latest from Walter is that he is consulting his attorney.  We can't find out whether he is consulting on the basis of getting away without paying it or with an aim of paying Xmas and New Years.

PALS: George Pal's right hand man, Harry Hinkle, says he wants to pay it but his attorney gets in the picture somehow at this point and can't give us an answer.

We have also made claim for straight time pay for the vacation period the number of hours regularly worked.

Also on this page, a note about dues and a request for contributors to the Conference of Studio Union's paper "The Bulletin."

Page two begins with a note concerning television (this is 1944, there's no animation on television yet).

INBETWEENS include: Frank Tashlin resigns from Warners leaving Friday Aug 19...

GUILD GALLERY: New show August 15 to Sept 15.  The exhibit will consist of a group of water colors and oils by Ralph Hulett, Joy Hankins, and Karen Johnson all of Disneys.

Some other interesting things too.

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