Thursday, July 22, 2010

Animator #91 - The Empire Strikes Back

Screen Cartoonists' Local 852 "Animator" for the week of 10/23/43


DISNEY: XMAS AND NEW YEARS - Judge Henry M. Willis rendered a decision reversing the award of arbitrator Spencer Pollard. In doing so, the Judge substituted his interpretation of our contract for the interpretation made by the arbitrator. Our counsel advises us that Judge Willis erred because it is the arbitrator and not a Judge whose decision is final, under the terms of our contract. The question of how far the courts can go in interfering with arbitration awards is extremely important because thousands of awards are handed down by arbitrators under labor contracts; if any judge may ignore such decisions and throw them out of the window for any or no reason, such contracts will be jeopardized. Therefore, the Guild is appealing the decision to the Supreme Court firm in the belief that this High Court will disagree with the action of the lower court judge.

The Company has been offering long term contracts to a number of individuals at the studio. Having examined several of these documents we urge that all of you being offered these contracts check with your office first, not for the Guild's sake but for your own. It is our belief that you should at least have the benefit of some legal advise before you sign.

Two matters in checking have been satisfactorily solved with retroactive checks for five and three months being received by the members.

Father Vaughn of Loyola is being asked to act as arbitrator on the matter pending in the Story Dept.

We are still awaiting a decision from the War Labor Board on the contract, it should be down within the next few days.

As there is no stirring news at any of the other studios at the moment, we are skipping the usual report on each of them.


Frank Smith in charge of production at Lantz... Rudolph Ziegler directing at Wolffs ...Ray Patin on leave of absences for a needed rest... Lillian Goldberg leaves Warners for Plastic ...recent changes at Warners -Cornett Wood in Background, Bob MacKimson unit director -Mike Sasanoff in Story Dept.  -Betty Leembrugger in Steve's room after a long absence, -Izzy Ellis to Clampett unit -new inbetweener Lloyd Turner.

Retta Beck newest redhead at MGM

In a hot return match at the Lantz Studio, the powerful Disney Ping Pong  Quintet was overwhelmed by an inspired Lantz Five who sought revenge for the slight defeat announced in the last issue of the Animator.  The score was unprintable.

"The Woodpecker Bolling Team" at Lantz is near the top in the League, their series standing is 14-10.

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