Saturday, July 24, 2010

Avatar, Eat Your 3D Heart Out

Unlike seemingly the rest of America, I'm not at Comicon.

I will, however, bring you the latest in comics technology: Rocky and Bullwinkle in 3D!

O. K.  So maybe it's not the latest.  But 1987 is pretty recent, right?

You'll need these.

This was published by Blackthorne Publishing.

There are no artists credits except "Cover color by Jay Oliver" and "3D effects by Nancy and Bob Fritsch".

The inside front and back cover is a boilerplate interview with June Foray.

The backpage is an ad for the Flintstones 3D comic.  Also full page ads for "The Official How To Draw Robotech" and "Gumby 3D".

These few pages should be more than enough for anybody.

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