Friday, July 2, 2010

Open and Shut - 01/04/90 Animation Notes

My original plan this week was to write about Toy Story 3 today.

That film was too ghastly for me to sit through so it would be unfair to say anything about it.

I will post one thought on it. There's an old saying in New York -at least there is in Texas, probably New York - "No one walks out of a Broadway show humming the scenery." Why, then, do people sing to the heavens about insubstantial films which are marvels of production design?

To fill the void, and to brighten the darkness -these are hand outs from Tissa David of a woman opening a door and crossing a threshold.

My Magyar isn't what it once was (assuming that's Magyar maybe it's the language of angels) so I can't help with the translation.

Who needs translation when the action is clear in the drawing?

These are from January 4, 1990. 20 years ago.

I believe I was rehearsing for "How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying" on that date. No one ever left a Frank Loesser show humming the scenery.

I never knew Tissa to draw so roughly, so scratchily. It made me think they might not be her drawings.

But poses like the one above are signature to her work.

And the door closes

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Michael Sporn said...

Definitely Tissa's drawings - I have lotsa roughs like this. And these poses are beautiful. Simple and seemingly obvious. Too bad there are too many who'd figure it out these days.

Your thoughts on Toy Story 3 aren't off the mark. Had I been alone, I might've gone too. The short made me want to leave.