Monday, February 22, 2010

Not On Board

A few months back we bid a project for a guy on the other coast.

We put together a solid budget, all the appropriate lines covered, all the items matching the schedule. That's the job of producing. Planning time and money. I wish it was tossing darts at a board or spinning a big wheel. Some people treat it that way, and I like to appear casual about it all but there's precision to it.

We also did a storyboard based on a vague creative description.


First I did a rough one.  I showed it to Elliot Cowan who re-did it, only better solving the concept's resolution in a simple, elegant way.


This is Elliot's board.


It smarts a little when you put a lot of thought into a pitch and it doesn't come through.  That's the nature of the business -you land maybe one out of ten bids.  The rest go somewhere else, or more frequently, never happen.


Worse than not landing an assignment is not getting any response to your bid.

We're  grown ups, we can handle "no."  Good business needs good relationships, this is true from both the client and the vendor point of view.

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