Saturday, February 6, 2010

Jump (for animation) - July 20, 1989

From Tissa David's lecture:


Jump: Push yourself away from ground
The higher more effort

[illustration of spacing]

[illustration of cricket jump]

Take: use only with reason
emphasize something
take must have at least 4 frames.

Same bounce on twos and 3's and the bounce on 1's (fast) a great deal of difference.

[illustration of double take]


Force going against another
Hat flattens before flying off

Make more drawings, you can always eliminate

Poses indicate or (map out) your stick figures for poses and action of scene.

Good poses strengthen your animation. Be wild in your poses stretch your imagination. A good pose will give you action.

Analise your action in your mind. Don't act it out physically. Animation is always exaggerated compared to live action. It is a caricature of live action.

Animation must have a snap.

Character: is defined by the voice. How this voice will act. Behave. Thus the personality of your character will develop.

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